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Bogenzelt 6,00 - 10,00 m

This tent type is particularly suitable for exclusive parties and events. Glass elements give a futuristic character to this tent type. The interior can be decorated in all different styles.

Technical data

6,00 m / 8,00 m / 10,00 m
Height of eaves
3,00 m
Height of the roof ridge
3,80 m / 4,07 m / 4,34 m
Bay distance
5,00 m
Longest component
5,50 m
Gable composition
1 Giebelstütze
Main profile
140 x100 x 3 (4-Nut)
Fabric fastener profile
Corner connections
Minimum length
15,00 m
Maximum length

Made of extruded, anodised aluminium keder channel profile.
All iron parts used are galvanised, except for pegs.

Tarpaulin covering

Made of polyester fabric coated on both sides, high gloss, transparent, flame-resistant according to DIN 4102 B1/M2, weight approx. 630 g/m². Roof and gable tarpaulins PVC white, roof tarpaulins with keder on both sides, tensioning with expander. Side and gable curtains divided, PVC single-coloured or striped, standard colour as requested, with keder on both sides, gable curtains at the top with rings for curtain rod. Side curtains at the top with keder slider for drawing into the keder channel.


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