Care and maintenance of tent systems

Drying and ongoing cleaning prior to storage help maintain the quality and guarantee long service and good looks of the tarpaulins. Regular care and proper storage of the tarpaulins ensure longevity and a brand new look. However, mould stains, stubborn dirt and moss are often inevitable and cannot be removed by manual washing. To address this concern, we process our tarpaulins professionally in our state-of-the-art tarpaulin washing machine , including surface treatment, and then they are washed and dried. The tarpaulins are subject to strictest quality control, so that we can offer you only the very best quality.

If frames or tarpaulins are significantly damaged, we can also offer you repair services - in addition to care. Significant defects may be caused by careless assembly or disassembly or by storm or other natural hazards. Our experienced metalworking and saddlery professionals will cope with any repair or maintenance services.

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