Production of tent and hall systems

All Eschenbach’s tents and halls are manufactured at the locations in Germany. - 100% Made in Germany.

Our 4 locations provide various production services, including steel construction, technical manufacture, labelling as well as care and maintenance services for our products. All this is done by professional employees using state-of-the-art machines and facilities. Thanks to continuous improvement and development, Eschenbach can offer consistently high manufacturing quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Technical manufacture and saddlery for tent systems

The production programme of our saddlery includes technical manufacture of PVC and textile materials of all kinds. In addition to tent tarpaulin covers, our experts manufacture tarpaulins for trucks and smaller trailers, cover and advertising tarpaulins, tarpaulins for special structures like carports, garden swings, boats, swimming pools and containers. The tarpaulins are produced using the most state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

You can choose tarpaulins from our extensive standard range, either monochrome or striped. You will surely find your favourite colour. In addition to offering new tarpaulins, we also repair tarpaulins. Our tarpaulins are all of high-quality and optimally processed.

Steel construction for temporary space solutions

In addition to perfect tarpaulin covering for our tent and hall systems we also offer our customers the necessary frames, floors, stairs and railing. To this end, our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Bad Königshofen and Schkeuditz manufacture high-quality steel and aluminium frames and further necessary construction elements. Of course, everything is 100% Made in Germany, subject to the strictest quality control! The standards, statics metalworking made in Germany 05 and drawings for the construction are developed in our own design department. Our experienced technicians continuously endeavour to make our tent and hall systems more innovative and to assure a constantly high quality. Thanks to the in-house design department, we also have the competency to fulfil special wishes of our customers as long as they are technically feasible.

Advertising and labelling of hall and tent systems

Our in-house advertising department offers a large portfolio of graphic design services. In terms of labelling, we work with all commonly used surfaces. 

We also offer labelling of vehicles, boats, buses etc. 

Our product offer also includes signage, advertising banners and digital printing. We also visualise space solutions. Using state-of-the-art graphic applications, we present your idea as a 3D image and then make it real.

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