Rent, buy or lease temporary structures, lightweight halls and tent systems

With more than 40 years of sound experience, Eschenbach Zeltbau develops and builds much more than tents.

Eschenbach products are no provisional arrangements, but - as temporary tent systems and hall systems - structural solutions that both correspond to the requested use and are fully usable, modern and of outstanding quality. Maybe not forever, but for a longer time with pleasure – regional, national and international.

We design and build real function and interaction spaces for our customers all over the world. Therefore, we call our offer by its name: Temporary architecture.

Eschenbach tents, halls and stages are flexible regarding their intended purpose and “easy to use” respectively “easy to build”. Moreover, Eschenbach offers comprehensive consulting and full-service for its products.

The company’s headquarters is located in Bad Königshofen, in Lower Franconia. With our subsidiaries and related companies in Schkeuditz near Leipzig, Mühlau near Chemnitz and Ludwigsfelde/ Genshagen near Berlin, we are located right next to you.

There you can buy or rent all our company’s products for industry, storage and agriculture sector, for communities, associations, sports and events.

Tent systems and hall systems: Temporary architecture from exclusive events to disaster relief

Eschenbach: The specialist for tent systems and temporary structures

Bad Königshofen

The Eschenbach Group is headquartered in the Lower Franconian Bad Königshofen. The headquarters are the largest with regard to both area and personnel. All production areas offered by the Eschenbach Group are gathered under one umbrella in Bad Königshofen: Steel construction of the locksmith’s shop, production and maintenance of the tarpaulins in the saddlery as well as advertising print and labelling of your tent and hall system

Ludwigsfelde near Berlin

The Eschenbach exclusiv GmbH was founded in 2000 and is an independent subsidiary of the parent company with head office in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin. With the sale and renting of tent systems as well as the production and repair of tarpaulins, the Eschenbach exclusiv GmbH primarily carries out regional tasks and is thus a “capital supplier”. The Eschenbach exclusiv GmbH is a full-service specialist regarding your event - thanks to individual advice and long-standing experience. From all kinds of anniversaries, foundation stone ceremonies, special events up to trade fair events - Eschenbach exclusiv GmbH supports you with perfect planning. The location has an own saddlery and provides the full range of services concerning the field of technical manufacture.

Mühlau near Chemnitz

Since 1991, Eschenbach GmbH in Mühlau has been providing you with full service regarding your event, individual advice and professional expertise. From the big birthday party, special events up to the fair trade events - Eschenbach GmbH supports you with perfect planning. Here, tent systems, lightweight-construction halls and furniture are offered. Mühlau has its own saddlery. Tarpaulins, awnings, covers and even individual custom-made products are produced here according to the requirements of the customers. Labelling is another service at this location. The company-owned graphics department puts your ideas concerning stickers, advertising print and truck tarpaulins into practise, and the production and installation are also performed at the location.

Schkeuditz near Leipzig

Production and renting has been carried out at the location in Schkeuditz near Leipzig since 1991. Since 1996, the business is a 100-percent subsidiary of the Bad Könighofen headquarters. The steel construction plays an important role at the location. All steel and metal parts for our tents and hall systems are manufactured in the production halls. Modern production technology ensures constantly very high quality. Of course, all Eschenbach products are rented out and sold here as well.

Financing of hall and tent systems

You can purchase, rent and lease   the products of Eschenbach. We provide an overview for the right form of acquisition of your new tent or hall system. In addition, we will be glad to advise you individually. 


Reasons for and benefits of buying tent and hall systems 
  • Your space problem is permanent. 
  • More space is required as quickly as possible. 
  • A cost-effective solution for long-term space requirements is needed. 
  • You wish immediate property. 
  • You want to have the free choice of colours and dimensions. 
  • The investment costs are significantly lower than with conventional solid structures. 
  • Nevertheless, you want to be permanently flexible regarding the size of the storage space. 


Reasons for and benefits of renting or leasing 
  • More space is only required in the short or medium term. 
  • You do not yet know for how long you will need additional storage or sales space. 
  • You only want to leave the tent standing as long as you really need it. 
  • Rental costs are considered as “amortisation”. Make use of these tax benefits for yourself. 
  • You preserve your liquidity and your investment budget and thus avoid wrong investment decisions. 
  • You want to remain flexible regarding size and location since renting allows a quick adaptation to rapidly changing framework conditions. 
  • You do not want to make a final decision as to whether to buy the tent/ the hall after renting or not. 


If you are not dependent on immediate property, we will be happy to submit a leasing or rental offer with an option for a later purchase.  If the tent purchased from us is no longer required someday, we will be glad to buy it back upon request.

Customers rely on Eschenbach Zeltbau

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