E-Vento 10,50 m

The E-VENTO structure, which we developed, is the link between E-BOX and E-MOTION.

Whether as a presentation room, an exhibition pavilion, a sales room or as a hospitality-area, there is a wide range of possible applications and combinations with other tent types by ESCHENBACH Temporary Architecture.

The basic form of the tent is a flat sloping gable roof with a roof angle of 5° and a width of 10,5m.

Modern tent architecture adjusts to your space requirement. You can extend E-VENTO by 5m – modules without problems.

The two-ply roof covers have stronger thermal insulation properties thanks to pressure controlling air valves.

This prevents condensation on the bottom of the roof cover.

Horizontal, floor-to-ceiling windows complete the picture and offer a maximum of transparence.

Technical data

Height of eaves
3,00 / 4,00 m
Height of the roof ridge
3,50 / 4,50 m
Total height
3,50 / 4,50 m
Bay distance
5,00 m
Standard grid
5,00 m
Angle of roof
Longest component
5,50 m
Gable composition
1 Gable support
7,50 kg/m²
Main profile
235 x 100 x 4
Corner connections
Bolted corner
Minimum length
10 m
Maximum length

stranggepresstes, eloxiertes Aluminiumkedernutprofil

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